View-Core is the ultimate CPQ application for those who want to present and sell their products using the power of digital technology.

The windows and doors manufacturers can access View Core via web, with their credentials, can create their own digital showroom, customizing the product range, finishes, hardware and price lists. With just a few clicks you can select products from pre-loaded libraries, add them on to the digital catalogue and configure them together with the customer. The application has its strong point in the immediate creation of virtual images of your products at photorealistic quality level. View-Core allows you to recreate the environment in which the window will be installed, by selecting the colour of the walls, the type of floor and the furnishing style. At this point, the customer can configure the products chosen from the catalogue within the environment, displayed in real time using various details and finishes of the product and evaluating the result from a new point of view. With View-Core You can also make a rough estimate or a detailed quote in just a few minutes: creating, managing, processing and printing your offers has never been easier!

  • Configurator with Full-HD digital environment
  • Personalisation with your company logo
  • Digital product catalogue with 3D rendering
  • Price quote generation and management
  • Product/price quote comparator
  • Personalisation of the .PDF price quote document
  • Extra 3D content continuously updated
  • Guided tool for creating your own price list
  • Importing of price lists from Excel spreadsheets
  • Artificial intelligence to simplify product selection
  • Training, support and updates included in the fee
  • Compatible with Sight
  • 24 types of products
  • Over 350 finishes available
  • Over 700 possible colour and accessory combinations
Continuously updated 3D content

View CORE allows you to recreate your products digitally, choosing from numerous continuously updated product series, 250 possible finishes, and over 300 combinations of accessories and colours.

3D Details

The application is ideal for instantly creating virtual images of products with a photorealistic quality. 

Product scene generator

The customer configures the product selected from the catalogue within its environment, displaying the product’s various details in real time and evaluating the results from a new perspective.

Other Products